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      Access :
The Pompadour racecourse is in the French Region of Limousin, in the department of Corrèze, in the district of Lubersac. To get there, there are many possible ways :

            If coming by car
from north of Pompadour take the Autoroute A20 and leave at Junction 44. Then follow the signs for Lubersac (D902). You will go through the centre of the town and then follow the signs for Pompadour (D901). You will arrive at the ch
âteau with the racecourse on your left.

            If coming
from the south of Pompadour leave the A20 at junction 45 and then follow the signs for Vigeois (D3). You will go through the town centre where there is a sharp turn to the right, and this will put you on the road to Pompadour (D7) via Troche. You will arrive up a road directly facing the ch
âteau, again with the racecourse on your left.

             You can come by train to the station at Pompadour which is situated about 300 m from the racecourse. The station is served occasionally by the SNCF line between Brive and Limoges.

             The nearest commercial Airport is Limoges-Bellegarde, to the west of Limoges and 68 Km from Pompadour, and there are daily flights to and from several locations in the UK. There is also a smaller airport Brive-Laroche about 40 Km away. From both you would take the A20 towards Pompadour.

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  Food and accommodation :

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